"Porcelain Yard -- China Porcelain Art Garden Art Museum" is a private art museum in Tianjin, which uses ancient porcelain as the carrier to tell local stories of Tianjin and promote traditional Chinese culture. It is located in the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal basin of Xiqing District, adjacent to Yangliuqing Ancient Town, covering an area of 1600 square meters. The main structure of the pavilion is currently valued at 9.8 billion yuan. Each piece of ancient porcelain is carefully selected and pasted by professional technicians, and it takes more than ten years to polish and present, which perfectly interprets the Chinese craftsman spirit of "work is not inexhaustible". The museum is based on tourism, cultural exchange, art appreciation, historical research, science popularization education, cultural communication and other aspects to provide tourists with a full range of services.


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